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We believe that training the students to be good debaters has many benefits. Reasoning, research and even public speaking skills are just some of the positives behind learning how to be a great debater.

Debating helps to develop essential critical thinking skills – the ability to make reasoned and well thought out arguments in addition to questioning the evidence behind a particular stance or conclusion.

Debating can help the students become even better at explaining a whole variety of topics from explaining complex mathematical equations to the plotline of their favourite book.

It aids them in their ability to think on their feet and respond to questions and comments.In fact, the ability to think on their feet could stand them in good stead in any situation which life throws at them, when time is of the essence and a decision needs to be made fast.

The students take part in in-school debate competitions and in inter-school competitions as well. Many have won prizes at the inter-school level.


There are a lot of positive influences on children from taking part in drama, theatre and the performing arts. The benefits are physical, emotional and social. It helps to develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts.

The students, once trained, put up skits and dramas during the morning assembly and other school programmes.


We believe that music lessons develop every part of the brain and improve wellbeing. Studies have found that group singing lowers stress, relieves anxiety, and elevates endorphins. Group singing has also been found to build a sense of community and promotes shared endeavors.

Our students are trained to sing both western songs and Indian folk and classical songs. Students are given opportunities to take part in many programmes and competitions both in-school and inter- school.


Dance is believed to have many benefits on children both physical and mental. Such as:

  • improved condition of the heart and lungs
  • increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
  • increased aerobic fitness
  • improved muscle tone and strength
  • weight management
  • stronger bones
  • better coordination, agility and flexibility
  • improved balance and spatial awareness
  • increased physical confidence
  • improved mental functioning
  • improved general and psychological wellbeing
  • greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • better social skills.

Knowing this we have dance integrated into the co-curricular activities and many opportunities to perform on stage are provided at all levels.


It is said that a person’s handwriting is a reflection of a person’s personality. A lot can be understood and said about a person by simply looking at his handwriting.

A person with good handwriting shows the kind of effort he puts into his work and real life. Good handwriting actually propels a person forward in their exams and later in their job as it showcases an active and open minded person who is willing to take that extra endeavor in whatever he does. A good handwriting actually boosts self-confidence.Good handwriting helps a person to not only develop a good personality but it also helps them stay focused and motivated. It is even said that good handwriting actually helps in learning better.

This being so we make it a point to focus on guiding and helping students develop good handwriting for which KG to grades 7 have exclusive handwriting classes.

Reading Classes

We strongly believe in developing good reading abilities in our students as the benefits are too many to neglect. We do have exclusive reading classes integrated into our timetable. Some of the benefits of good reading abilities are:

  • Mental Stimulation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Knowledge
  • Vocabulary Expansion
  • Memory Improvement
  • Stronger Analytical and Thinking Skills
  • Improved Focus and Concentration
  • Better Writing Skills


Not for nothing is chess known as “The Game of Kings.” Playing chess if found to have many positive benefits and that is why we have allotted chess classes for students from grades 1 to 7. Some of the benefits are:

  • It can raise the IQ
  • It exercises both sides of the brain
  • It increases creativity
  • It improves memory
  • It increases problem-solving skills
  • It improves reading skills
  • It improves concentration
  • It teaches planning and foresight


We want our students to leave this institution fully armed with the tools needed to live complete and satisfactory lives as well rounded individuals. With this in mind Karate classes are offered to students as it can:

  • Improve their physical and mental health
  • Build self-esteem and strengthen their self-confidence
  • Improve their academic performance by raising their level of energy, focus and concentration
  • Learn and master self-defense techniques

School Band

The study of music breaks down societal barriers from race to socioeconomic strata. Music often “reaches" the students who are struggling with their other academic studies. Advanced brain research continues to verify and confirm all brains are “wired for music." Eric Jensen, research author on brain-based learning, writes, "Music is part of our biological heritage and is hard-wired into our genes as a survival strategy."

We believe that music is NOT for the “chosen few," but music is for all those who want to pursue this exciting pathway of learning.

We have a well-equipped school band to help fulfill all the above mentioned needs of our students.

Art and Craft

As educators we understand that Arts and Crafts are important to our kids development as they can:

  • hone fine motor skills
  • improve their coordination
  • help with important visual processing abilities
  • promote execution functioning
  • can skyrocket self-esteem
  • teach them to express themselves
  • encourage creativity

We have regular arts and crafts classes for the students at all levels to help aid their all-round development.

Science Activities

"Scientific practice involves the construction, validation and application of scientific models, so science instruction in our school is designed to engage students in making and using models." Models provide an environment for interactive student engagement.Working with models can enhance systems thinking abilities in our students.Models and model development are useful for helping students learn quantitative skills such as graphing, graphical analysis, and visualization; statistics; computational skills and mathematics. The knowledge gained while using models and the understanding of model development and implementation are transferable to other disciplines. We have a very active student body who work on various working models and projects. They have represented the school in many inter- school science model making competitions and have won many prizes.

Scouts and Guides

Bharath scouts and guides is a national organization that prides itself on teaching their members positive values, community involvement, and encouraging physical fitness and personal growth. Although there are countless benefits of joining Scouts or Guides, some of them being that it fosters independence, nature appreciation, physical fitness, mental and psychological health, expands the mind and helps develop conflict resolution skills.

We offer our students this facility by offering them an opportunity to be a Bulbul, Cub, Scout or Guide. The teachers in charge conduct many activities in this regard and take the students out on camps.


Elocution is the art of learning how to speak correctly and emphasizes correct accent, grammar, pronunciation, tone, and stress, as well as how to stand and how to gesture when giving a speech.

We train our students and give them many opportunities to speak in public and compete at the school and inter- school levels as we have a strong belief that, if a child learned how to speak 'better', this would give him/her a huge advantage and more opportunities in life.

Students Presentation / Seminars

We can all agree that student presentations benefit the student in significant ways. By giving presentations, students learn how to speak in front of a group and develop a broadly applicable professional skill. They learn how to prepare material for public presentation, and practice (under the guidance of the teacher) improves their speaking skills. Our students are given many opportunities to make presentations which they do with a lot of enthusiasm.