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Chittaranjan T K

Chairman IJRS

Dear Parents and Students,

I express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the founder of our school, Smt. Sheila F Irani, all the teachers, staff and the management for being a part of this noble endeavor to provide quality and affordable education to our beloved children in Mysuru. Right from the days of inception, they have relentlessly worked to keep our core values alive: to provide affordable, well-rounded, quality education.

Today, after about five decades, the school continues its contribution to the society whilst keeping up with recent advancements and trends in education. We have experimented with smart classes and practically useful co-curricular activities. Our school has stood the test of time by nurturing great alumni that have scaled great heights.

I encourage you, as a prospective parent or a student to visit our school, I am sure it will motivate you to be part of our journey. I also urge our alumni to reach out to us to help make our school better!