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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said, “Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.” That is what we believe in IJRS, that one should continuously strive to better oneself, to chase ones dream and become a successful individual.

The school is making continuous and constant efforts to mold such individuals who would be future citizens of this country and an asset to society.

Even though our prime focus is on academics, we also foster cultural and literary activities, sports, yoga and pranayama, music, chess and self-defense (Karate) for the overall well being of the child.

The Management has been contributing without any restraint towards all facilities that lead to the betterment of the institution, which would thereby help the students in their development as well, in line with the current educational trends.

Some such facilities are: 36 digitalized class rooms with ICT, with content support from Tata Class-Edge. Teachers are trained twice a year to use them very effectively and efficiently and to integrate it in the Teaching-Learning process. During one such session Mr. Suresh from 'Tata Class Edge’ spoke on enhancing the teacher's knowledge and on making class room teaching more interesting. Teachers were also shown the new updated versions and how to access it easily.

The newly refurbished science lab 'AVISHKAR' was inaugurated this year (2017) with more than 100 working models from Butterfly Hands on Learning and TRIDENT. A workshop for science teachers was conducted to train them on how to use these working models for the optimal result. With these models children will get hands on experience to understand the concepts of Science and Mathematics.

Every year workshops are conducted for teachers to keep them updated with the latest trends in their fields of specialization.

Mrs. Jayashree Nair Mukerjee conducted a workshop for the teachers and led them through a host of activities to reinforce the natural process of acquiring language. She emphasized the importance of listening and speaking skills.

Mr. Bharadhwaj addressed the teachers on the topic, 'Learning based on Activities'. The activities conducted were on the following topics: positive attitude, interactive learning, student centered teaching and the characteristics of a good teacher.

A.P.J Abdul Kalam said, “Creativity is key to success in future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level.”

A workshop for Pre-Primary teachers by Ms. Sowmya Satish was conducted to introduce many innovative activities which can be modified on the spot to make a kindergarten class a hub of activity while catering to the social, emotional and physical development of the child.

Mr. M.B. Shiva Shankar Belliappa conducted a work shop on how to develop speaking and soft skills. Through humour and interaction, he stressed the importance of soft skills for children.

Teachers are not only given in-house training they also attend workshops organized by other organizations. Principal Ms. Veena S.A. attended a workshop conducted by Tata Class Edge which was held for the leaders of affiliated schools.

Numerous activities are conducted throughout the year: Sports Day, Annual Day, Open Day, F.K. Irani Tournament and Inter-House competitions. Students are encouraged to participate in interschool competitions under the training and guidance of teachers.

Sufficient exposure is provided for the emotional and social development of the students. They are motivated to acquire knowledge and set aims.

A Value Education and Life Skill Programme 'AWAKENED CITIZEN PROGRAMME' by Sri Ramakrishna Mission was introduced two years ago for grade 7 and this year for grade 8. The programme deals with modules like Being Heroic, Developing Faith in our infinite possibilities, The Human possibilities open to us, Living in Harmony, Being a Truth – Seeker, which will inculcate moral values, discipline, responsibility, compassion, co-operation, team spirit etc. Teachers were deputed for the training conducted by Ramakrishna Mission. Sri Ramesh Umarani and Sri Avinash are the school coordinators who visit the school personally to guide teachers in making the sessions very effective.

We started the High School section during the academic year 2014-15. The excellent performance of our students in its maiden year of SSLC EXAMINATION 2016-17 was heartening. Chi. Nagendra Prasad topped the list with a total of 617/625 securing the 9th place in the State.

In total 132 students appeared for the examination, with 31 students securing distinctions which includes 19 students securing 90% and above (A+) and 5 students above 600 /625 (Nagendra Prasad 617/625, Bhoomika 614/625, Riya P Darla 603/625, Fardeen 601/625, Md. Daanyaal Damda 600/625, Anooj Raj 602/625), 66 students secured I class, 12 students second class and 04 students pass class.

There is a constant effort being made by the Management, teaching and non-teaching staff to raise the quality of education and experiences that the students encounter through their journey in this institution.

The students are supported through student mentoring to address each and every student's concerns and well planned curriculum with remedial classes, tests, preparatory examinations, special coaching for slow learners with student teacher ratio of 1:10 and regular feed back to parents on the student's performance.

With the assurance from all of us Management Committee Members and the staff of the institution that our efforts will never die, we intend to march into the future taking the school towards ever brighter horizons.