Our Mission Statement, Objectives and Motto

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Mission Statement

Ideal Jawa Rotary School recognizes that each child is an individual, that all children are talented and creative and that all children need to succeed. Therefore we respect the individual needs of children and provide a creative environment, emphasize the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each child and provide the necessary inputs and value addition that will help realize these objectives.

Our school aims at the full democratisation of education ensuring that every student-strong or weak, rich or poor – stretches to his fullest potential in a way that is best suited to his learning pace and style. The curriculum and the teaching learning strategy will therefore recognize that students have different learning needs.


Our initiative at Ideal Jawa Rotary School is aimed at providing an opportunity for need-based education and tapping the potential excellence in the young generation of today. In our school we aim to develop a system in which learning will be self directed, individually-paced, continuous and reflective.

Teaching focus shifts from being teacher-centered to student-centered, supported by a flexible and need-based curriculum. Computer technology will allow for this flexibility and diversity to be built into the system. This will be made possible through the provision of multimedia technology and world-wide networking. As a first step to accomplish this complex task, our efforts are aimed at orienting the school to meet the future needs, based on a different forward looking strategy, taking into account.

  • The goals of school education in the next millennium.
  • The envisioned features of the school in a technology-dependent society.
  • The existing policies and regulations in education.
  • Best coursematerial needed for teaching all subjects.
  • All teachers skilled in the use of IT/ ICT and integration of IT in the teaching-learning process.
  • Educator-parents partnership in which parents have continuous access and knowledge of the academic and over-all progress of their child. Parents are encouraged to play a role in our efforts in making our school a center of learning for the community.

Motto of Ideal Jawa Rotary School

The school emblem incorporates the Rotary Wheel and the lamp which is the symbol of enlightenment and progress. The School Motto is 'Education is Progress'